Anonymous asked:
What's your take on blowjobs and facials?

No facials EVER. Mess my hair up, shoot in my eye and you’re going to die.

Blowjobs… anytime! NOT ANYONE though.

Anonymous asked:
What's a ''thot''?

Good thing you’re anon, cause I woulda checked you. How come you ain’t heard of… oh well.

According to Urban dictionary:

Plural: Thotties; thots

All you thots need to understand.. that if you’re MY thot, you’re my thot ONLY. I don’t share. Like.. I need you, and if you need me too, we’re cool. If we fucking, that’s it, no side hoes and shit. And we don’t need to make anything official either. I’m not needy, so I don’t have to be in a relationship just to be in one, I’d rather have something real.

I mean sure, I fuck shit up sometimes, act in a way I shouldn’t, and I’m not perfect, but I’m real. I’ll never cheat. I’m fucking loyal and I expect you to be loyal and honest with me too. And don’t wonder why I left your ass if you’re lying to me. I don’t give 100% unless I get 100% back. And I mean one fucking hundred percent. So if you don’t have time for me, I’m not gonna fight for your attention. Cause if you really care, I shouldn’t have to, right?

I’m not dumb. I know if you mess up bad once, you’ll do it again. So don’t be all up on me with that ‘I miss you’, ‘I had a dream about you’, ‘This song reminds me of you’ bullshit. All that bullshit, I ain’t hearing it.

So ladies, remember. A man can only treat you how you let him. So if you still allow him to act like a damn thot, stop complaining. If you mess with a guy you know ain’t shit, don’t expect him to keep it real with you. He’s not gonna make you feel like you’re in a goddamn fairytale, so cut that thot AWF. And uhh yeah.. you can’t change a hoe into a husband, soo.. *shrugs* *drops mic*.

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